Monday, June 5, 2017


As a mom, I can honestly look back now and say, that being pregnant was one of the most rewarding and thrilling times of my life.  Everything that comes with being pregnant and preparing for baby's arrival is so exciting. Even when you are helping a friend prepare for their baby's arrival that is an awesome experience as well.  A big part of that fun is the baby shower!

Whether the baby shower is for you or a friend, finding the right invitation, and theme is also important.  Back when I was pregnant, it was not a common thing to have a "gender reveal party," but now-a-days, it has become all the rage. I love this idea! I was lucky enough that my daughter-in-law had a gender reveal party. I helped her look online for the invites and I can say that the ones we found on BasicInvite.com were absolutely adorable!

Preparing a baby shower party for your family member can be as intense, as if it was your own. You want everything to be just right. I went through a lot of the options but ultimately, the "mommy-to-be decided on which gender reveal baby shower invitation to choose that went with the theme.  It was perfect and the guests later commented on how cute the invitations were.

I liked using BasicInvite.com because they have a great baby shower product line and some especially unique designs. It was super easy to personalize ours and we had it match my son and his wife's (the expecting parents) nautical theme. We were able to change the colors to match our theme, then add our wording and change the font. 

So, if you are planning your own baby shower, your friend's or a family member's and you are wondering where you can buy baby shower invitations, I highly recommend, BasicInvite.com 


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