Friday, June 23, 2017


As a new mom, I remember how hard it was to lose that extra baby weight that I gained during pregnancy. "Breastfeed!  It will make you lose weight," they said!  Yea, not so much! Some people are lucky, I was not.  First of all, I was not able to breastfeed and secondly, getting the weight off was not an easy task for me. I was home all the time, stressed, as a first-time mom and I just kept eating. The reality is that sometimes, even after breast-feeding and even years after having children, for some people the extra weight is still there. Not very comforting, I know. For some of us, it is no easy task to lose the excess weight. And not everyone is a gym-
going enthusiast. Sometimes, just having children and the hectic pace of life, is enough to contribute to slacking off when it comes to our weight and health & fitness.The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be like this.

I know from personal experience that sometimes it is easier to have that slice of pepperoni pizza or drink a soda, or eat your kids leftovers. Sometimes, you do not want to go for a walk or not go to the gym,because you are just too tired or busy, but remember, you cannot give in!  If you want to lose weight and get back to being “fit” again, you have to set a goal for yourself and stick to it. You might be tempted to slack off, but if you stick to your goal, later on you will not regret it.

Sometimes, you just need someone or something to boost you into getting motivated.  Personally, I found “my something” that helped me start losing weight and definitely got my
energy level up. Once you get that little bit of motivation, it is just a matter of habit and discipline to stick to your new routine and ultimate goal, but you have to really want it. You have to be ready!  

If you have a baby or young toddler, you can even go jogging or a brisk walk with your child and start getting in shape!


Remember, you did not gain all that extra weight in a week, so don't expect it to come off in a week as well!  The key is to not give up.

True, when you have little ones to take care of at home it becomes harder to go to the gym or to stick to an exercise routine, but you can start with the little things. For example, make a conscious effort to not drink soda anymore, and stay away from sweets. Do not eat junk food just because you are hungry. Choose healthy snacks instead of junk.

Stay focused and keep reminding yourself that you want to look and feel better, except now the difference is, it is not just a thought in your head, now you are making a real effort to make a change!  When you feel the urge to have a soda, take a deep breath and say, "no!" Reach for a glass of water instead, maybe with a few lemon wedges for flavor. And instead of a slice of pepperoni pizza, grab a healthy snack, like an apple with almond butter or string cheese.
Focus on making healthier choices when it comes to your meals and snacks.Every little bit helps when it comes to making a change in your eating habits. I’ve learned that half the
battle is mental.  By that I mean, once you make a mental note and a commitment to YOURSELF that you genuinely want to change to a healthier you, you can make it happen. 

There is no one that can stop you, so don’t give up!

Use this time you have with your baby or small children to go for a walk, while you put them in their stroller or have them ride their bike or roller blades, if they are old enough. You don’t have to go for a mile run, but start with a small walk around the block. It can be very beneficial for your health and can help to get your endorphin's going.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. You are now on your way to A Fit Place! You are not going to go on a diet, you are going to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. YOU CAN DO IT!

If you need assistance in your weight loss journey or you are simply looking for motivation, please feel free to email me, a personal development coach, at: AFitPlace@gmail.com or visit online at Instagram: FitTeamMommyWarrior for inspiration and motivational health tips.

You can do this!! 

a.k.a. Mommy Warrior

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