Wednesday, June 28, 2017


If you' re like me and like to shop, you might also like to get rewards for doing so.  My favorite credit cards to use are the ones that I can get points and rewards on. I love to watch my rewards add up so I can get free or discounted stuff.  Whether it is by accumulating rewards on my credit cards or using websites that offer referrals, it is a fun and easy way to earn rewards. So anytime, I hear of something new that offers something similar, I am all ears!

Last week, someone told me about a new mobile app called Refer.Me. This app is a Social Referral Network that actually helps people earn rewards for referring others to products and services they already have and use. So lets say that you use Ebates and they offer a referral program that when you refer someone to them through a link they will give a reward to the other person and also to you. The way the Refer.Me app works is very simple. You download the app and then create  a profile where you can upload their referral codes or links from companies like Uber, Lyft, Chase, Discover, American Express, Ebates, Amazon, etc and then people look for the discounts or offers that these companies offer for being referred. One of my favorites to use it with is Uber.

Check out this video on how it works:

  You can even personalize your experience by creating your own profile on the Refer.Me app. It lets you create your own board where you have easy access to all the postings you have uploaded. You can edit, publish, un-publish and much more.

Refer.Me is available for iOS and Android.  Download it today and start getting your referral codes. We all have and use tons of products and services and we always talk to our friends and family about them, but we rarely get rewarded for doing so, because we don't know about existing referral programs or because it's complicated. Refer.Me is so easy to use and it is FREE!

It's a WIN-WIN situation because the company is happy and you get rewards!

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