Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If you have young children you know how difficult it can be to get them to not spill food and drinks when they are eating. Most of the time is spent saying, "be careful you don't spill it," or "hold your drink with two hands.  Personally, I don't like when my kids eat or snack anywhere else other than the kitchen but reality is, sometimes, we do let our kids have a drink while watching TV or if they are older, even playing a board game or something close to the furniture. Well, this creative mom, came up with a solution for all of us for no spills! The Cup Cozy Pillow.

As a work from home mom she could never find a way to keep her drink close to her and safe from spills, so she invented a pillow to hold the drink. Pretty clever, if you ask me! 

It was such a success that she decided to go public with it and is available on Amazon.  The pillow is awesome because it is so simple and convenient to hold your drink. Not only is it practical, but it has a neat contour shape and has covers that are removable and washable. Other cup holders can only be used by one person or in certain locations. The Cup Cozy Pillow can be used anywhere and by the whole family at the same time! If you drink from a cup, you need a Cup Cozy Pillow!

The Cup Cozy Pillow is perfect for moms who are tired of cleaning up spills! It's the easiest, most convenient way to keep your drinks close to you and safe from spills. 

It is a brilliant idea that was actually put into great use! Thumbs up on the pillow and for this mompreneur for following through on her idea!

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