Monday, July 24, 2017


They say everything comes back in style and in my experience, so far, it certainly does.  Whether it is clothing, toys or trends, it is true, eventually it all comes back in one way or another and it's usually better. No matter which one it is, there is always a new twist on the old school way.

I was shocked to find out that the new show my teenage daughter is hooked on, "Riverdale," is based on one of my childhood favorite comics, Archie! I use to collect all their comic books. I loved it!
I had heard my daughter make reference to Riverdale and she also mentioned Dylan Sprouse, who I remember from "Suite Life of Zack and Cody," but when I started looking into the show, I soon found out that it is based on the same characters I remember: Archie and The Gang, Betty Veronica and Jughead!)

Source: DigitalSpy.com

And one of the actors on Riverdale is from my own TV-obsessing days, Luke Perry, from 90210!) So when I mentioned to my daughter that I loved Luke Perry, she said, "Who's that?"  I Googled Perry's picture and showed her and she said, "Oh, I love him, he's Archie's dad!"  I laughed because back then in the 90's he was a heart-throb I loved and now he's someone's dad on a show my kid is obsessed with. Full circle moment. 

I see it as a wonderful way of meshing two worlds and bonding over new and old heart throbs. 

Guess, who will be watching Riverdale with her daughter? Me! LOL! Hey, I have to be able to relate to a teenager about something right?

I can see it now, cat ears becoming the hottest new trend for girls and guys wearing jackets with big letters on them (their initials on it!) I know, I know I get carried away with nostalgia but I think I am right, their merchandise is everywhere already!

I just love how old school stuff gets revamped for new generations and that I have a new way of communicating and sharing time with my teenager, who would otherwise probably be glued to her cell phone "Snap-chatting" her friends.

I'll take it!


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