Monday, September 9, 2019

Sarah Grace Villaflor
During the past decades, having fun has not always been the top priority for parents. There are many different structures and methods of parenting but in today’s generation, there is always room for some fun. Sometimes, letting the kid inside of you loose, is the coolest feeling you will ever sense as a parent.
Remember that adults are just kids in their fully developed shells. Our children often see us as a person who always needs to be obeyed, respected and feared. But let me tell you that laughter is the best foundation of all emotions!

Here are some ways that can help you be a fun mom:
  1. Do tolerable and safe pranks together. Most of the children love bringing some unexpected surprise to another person’s day. Just make sure your kids don’t overdo it in the future. 

  1. Make your kids laugh out of the blue. Surprise them with a tickle fight or some old but gold jokes.

  1. Learn to make some custom greeting cards together. Give them simple present like this when they did a good job, whether in school or sports. Put some words like Good Job! You are the best! Congratulations, aren’t you going to thank me for the genes.

  1. Face grimace is one of the best contests you can do at home anytime. Give simple prizes for the wackiest face.

  1. Who doesn’t love kisses? Have a smooch-kiss chase once in a while! Chase each other around the house and when you catch the person give them a big kiss! This is best when you wear child safe lipstick so that you can easily see who truly wins.

  1. Dates are not only for couples. Take your kids out on a date and always celebrate “family day” as long as possible.

  1. Our kids need some dirt to boost the immune system. Have a scavenger hunt in the park! You can hide things to find around the park and see who will be the fastest to get greater objects. If you have one child, you can also invite their friends. 

  1. Include them while cooking their favorite cookies. This is a memory that will last forever! The kitchen can be a little bit messy but it’s awesome!

  1. Read a story to your child, it can be new or old. You can replace the characters with your child’s name or act how the characters in the story play.  

  1.  Do a simple experiment with them. Coke plus Mentos never gets old. You can make this soda bomb and let your kids be amazed the whole day!

  1.  Watch animated the mummy movie and let them mummify you with a tissue. You will be totally “MOMMYfied” by your kids!

  1.  Go in the backyard and play with your kids with a water gun! Give them their own water gun and let the battle begin!

  1.  A horseback ride is always a fun way to connect with your kids.

  1.  Do some abstract painting and let their creativity come out. Remember to use non-toxic materials.

As parents, there are lots of fun things we can do with our kids. Memories are always better when shared. You can collect it as early as now and reminisce them for a lifetime!

Sarah Grace Villaflor

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