Thursday, January 10, 2008


So I pick up my daughter from school yesterday and the car ride conversation starts with a story about a boat that flipped over with a huge wave and the people fell out.
I'm wondering why are they talking about these news stories in school? Then after more details I realize she is talking about the Titanic. I guess they must have discussed this in class. Don't know why in kindergarten?!

OH! I say to her. "Yes, this is a true story." And so begins a series of questions about G-d and life and death that I am left speechless with no definitive answers to give her. "Mommy, why is G-d so mean and let people die?" (Questions I ask myself too, when my mom died) "Hmm, that's a very good question I say to her." I have no convincing answer for her. I try to explain how we are born and we grow from babies, to toddlers to teenagers etc.. and must learn things along the way. This is life I tell her. When I die can I be a baby again? she asks. So I try to explain to her that some people believe in what's called "reincarnation" and then I realize this is way too intense for a 5-year old. "Mommy, why does G-d make people die?" she continues. Then answers her own question. "Maybe when G-d comes to town we can ask him." Then as if I'm not shaken up enough, out of the blue she says "I miss my grandmas" (mind you she's never even met either one.) I want to see them." I look towards the back seat and she has her head down. I say, "Yes, me too." "I'm really sad, Mommy, I feel like I'm going to cry, see there's a tear coming down," she tells me. Indeed there was a tear strolling down her cheek.

Thankfully, we arrived at gymnastic class before anymore of this intense conversation continued!

So, I'm all sentimental now pondering the questions in life and how I will answer them for my daughter. When night time comes her older sister and I are giving her a bath and when she gets out of the bath, she turns to me and says, "Hey, when you die can I have your room?" Then turns to her sister and ask the same thing of her. What the @#%!!#


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  1. Hey! Catching up on your blog....She is just saying the funniest things, lol. At least she is optimistic ;-)


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