Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, the big day came & went without much to-do. I must say I got the best card ever from Chi Chi and my hubby even got me a card (after 11 years!) It's the little things that make me happy! Like being able to be a 40-year old who has a "Bratz Girlz" party! LOL! Yes, I did. I bought cupcakes and a "Bratz Girlz" table cloth, cups & plates. Chi Chi happened to be having a playdate with two little friends, so with tiaras and all we sang happy birthday (to me) and blew out the candle. At this age only ONE candle is necessary!!! On the adult side, we went out with the kids to sushi (my favorite) and I had a margarita, so it was a nice enjoyable birthday. I have to say though, I do miss those birthday cakes my mom use to get me when I was little. I guess that's never gonna change!

Another year older and hopefully another year wiser...although I'll tell you right now I still have no intention of growing up!

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