Friday, September 19, 2014


Somehow, it is in the darkest moments of life that we feel most alive and loved by our family and friends. It is a feeling of life at it's fullest...despite the pain.

Although, I live a Jewish lifestyle today, I was actually raised in a Catholic household.  My mother was a devout Catholic.  Consequently, I was baptized.  My parents chose amazing godparents for me, especially my godmother.  She was always there for me, every birthday, graduation, holidays, every single milestone in my life.  There was never one birthday or one X-mas that I didn't get a call from her.  And presents, Oh boy! Ever since I was a little kid, she always always got me birthday presents, X-mas presents, Easter presents, "Godchild Day" presents, you name it.

But my love for her was not about the presents or the happy phone calls.  It was about the unselfish love she demonstrated to me and all those she loved.  She was an amazing mother,wife, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend and happy world-traveler. She always had a happy demeanor and a beautiful smile on her face, just like my mother. 

Today, it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to the most glamorous woman I have ever known.

She was an integral part of my life from day one.  She was my real-life fairy godmother.  

It is always hard to say "goodbye" to someone you love but even harder when someone has been a constant in your life. From experience I can tell you that it is not the moment of death that is difficult, it is when you wake up in the morning and realize it is not a dream.  It is when you have a birthday, or when it's Mother's Day, or when you have great news and you want to share it.  Those are the tough moments.

Thankfully, we have many wonderful memories that can make us smile.  That is what we should hold onto, the memories that make us smile, the joys shared in this temporary life.  Those of us who have faith, hold onto the hope that someday we will see our loved ones again, whether you call it heaven or a different dimension,  it is all we can do for now.  I pray Neida  finds my mom up in the ultimate "Big H."  I know they would make each other so happy and I know they will light up the heavens with those big beautiful smiles.

Today, one more beautiful angel in Heaven. May her soul rest in peace. I love you Madrina.

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