Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Most Influential Teens In The World

I just read this online today:   "Kardashian Sisters, Obama's, & Malala Are The Most Influential Teens In The World."  Now that is a frightening statement!

Wow, what in the world have the Kardashian Sisters done to be influential, other than have a sister who video taped herself having sex and show their fake lives on TV?  And Obama's girls, well, they are just the President's daughters. They really haven't been out in the "real" world yet!

It is a sad world we are living in, when someone like Malala and the Kardashian girls are in the same category!  It is quite frightening and disconcerting, that someone like the Kardashians are the most influential person in a teens life!  Really, what in the world could they teach them?  Morals? Acting? Singing? Dancing? Oh, no wait, it's actually how to pose while having sex and watching their lives on a reality show, with all the drama it entails!  WTH?!

Our kids today, especially our girls, are looking at people like Kim Kardashian, the Kardashian sisters, Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, as "role models."  Sure 2 of them might be talented, but all you see from them is crotch-grabbing and scandals.

I know this has always existed, but I just feel that with all the social media and technology our kids have access to, they are getting more and more de-sensitized.  They have no clue of what morals really are.  I am not the "righteous police," but when images like Miley Cyrus  bending over with her a** in that Thicke guy's face (on TV) surface all over the place or when the Kardashian Sisters and Kim Kardashian and her sex-taping ways are the most influential thing we have, well, then folks, we have a problem!

We need to wake up world and teach our kids to respect themselves and learn to have better role models!  Just because you are on TV, does not make you a role model!!!!

Look at Malala...sure, she might not be cool or trendy to our children but this girl, stood up and stands up for what she believes is right.  Can we say that about our own kids?

I don't expect my kid to be a "Malala" but I sure as hell don't want them thinking the Kardashian's are worth following!  They might be nice people, but I do not appreciate what they stand for and how they became famous.

Sure, there are good role models out there, I am sure. The sad truth is, those are the ones that barely get any press.  It is the scandals, the sex, the useless, behavior that gets front page.

Conclusion is, it is up to us, the parents, to make sure our children know what makes a person influential ( in a good way.)  It is our responsibility to teach them and show them positive role models.

It starts with us, the parents, the moms!

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