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The belief that certain individuals cause you harm or cause evil mischief to occur with just a look is one that historians trace across numerous cultures and from as far back as antiquity. Some cultures took the threat of the Evil Eye very seriously. For example, in Islam it is believed unlucky to accept a compliment without also stating "Masha'Allah," or "God has willed it," in order to ward off the power of the Evil Eye.  In Italian it is known as: Il malocchio for the evil eye, or casting the evil eye.  The idea of this is a cultural and superstitious notion

The mystical Red String Hamsa (or Hand of Fatima) Bracelet is said to possess the power to negate and block evil forces that are cast upon you. These powers, like the evil eye and bad luck are commonly being abused by people who mean you harm. Not necessarily intentional harm-but meaning, a conscious level of wishing something bad to happen to a person. Sometimes even just a simple jealousy can create the effect of the evil eye, or as some people call it- the stink eye.

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DESCRIPTION: A Red String Braided Bracelet with a Silver Hamsa and evil eye center; comes with clasp closure.

The red string bracelet is a powerful tool to negate the effects of evil eye and bad luck. It is garnished with a red string as in the traditional stories from Rachel Tombe.

An Evil Eye bracelet is a piece of jewelry that symbolically protects its wearer from the perceived negative effects of someone who has given them the "Evil Eye." The Evil Eye is a glaring look that is intended to cause harm to the person it is directed toward. In this case, both the harmful look and the protective device are called the "Evil Eye."

The hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet that’s popular throughout many parts of northern Africa. It is commonly used in wall hangings and, of course, jewelry. It depicts an open right hand and is seen as a protective symbol in many cultures (noticing a trend here?). It has also been known to protect against the evil eye we spoke of earlier. It is used in parts of the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian worlds.

This is such an interesting symbol, as it overlaps all the major religions of the world, yet there is not a true path to find where it started. It is used today by people from many places and can be something that’s worn or used in a home for protection. (Source: Social Moms)

From the perspective of Islam, the Hand of Fatima is worn as a lucky symbol, and each finger of the hand has a different attribute.  One is faith, followed by prayer, pilgrimage, charity, and fasting.

For some cultures, protective talismans in the form of Evil Eye bracelets became the most popular form of protection against the intended harm. In Mexico and Central America, bracelets featuring an eye are often placed on babies to ward off the Evil Eye, which could lead to their deaths. Another country that uses the Evil Eye bracelet to ward off evil is India, where the bracelets are crafted to be both beautiful and powerfully protective.

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