Friday, August 4, 2017


Did you know that there was such a thing as pasta made of chickpeas?! I just found out about this last night, when I saw our youngest grandson (9 months) having dinner.  He was loving it.  I figured my kids will love it too. After all, they love chick peas and they love pasta, so why not try it? However, when I went online to look up where it was sold, I was shocked to find out, how expensive it can be. I wonder if it's because it's a pseudo-new thing" to eat or because the government and/or FDA just want us to keep eating crap?  It is mind-boggling why eating healthier has to be so expensive but I will not go off on that tangent for now!

The one I finally chose was the brand I found all over the internet: Banza.  According to their selling points it contains 2 x the protein, 4 x the fiber and nearly half the net carbs, you can make every night pasta night. It is also gluten-free! With stats like that, I can give my kids pasta more often!  

Thumbs up for easy dinners!

NOTE: Ideas to try with this new chickpea "pasta"

-Banza Elbow with White Cheddar Cheese
-Banza Rotini as a salad with Wishbone Italian dressing
-Banza Penne with grilled chicken and olive oil
-Banza Shells with grilled chicken and olive oil with your choice  
 or  marinara or alla vodka sauce 

Even though it's pricey, here is a variety of pastas below:

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