Friday, June 14, 2019


As a blogger, I have always tried to stay away from politics, until recently and given today's political climate, it has become a little difficult to ignore.  I guess I have become more passionate about this topic, not only after the election of 2016, but especially, after my daughter was caught in the middle of gun violence in her high school on February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida. The issue of gun violence, immigration, climate change, economic inequality and overall social justice are all topics that I am passionate about.

As a Latina woman, in a Jewish household, who believes in the power of love and spirituality, this particular candidate caught my attention.  I have always known, Marianne Williamson as an amazing author but most recently, she was a guest on my dear friend, Pedro Biaggi's radio show, La Red Hispana and she really impressed me.  Marianne is a Presidential Democratic Candidate for 2020. She is an internationally-acclaimed American author,  of 13 books, 4 of them # 1 Bestsellers of the New York Times, including "A Return to Love,"

I am sharing the video below with you all simply to show you a different perspective and view on politics that you may not necessarily hear on the campaign trail. 

I love the importance she places on education and the future of our children.

As we all know, politics has always been about who has the most money and usually the most clout.  

I welcome Marianne Williamson to the political table because I am in 100% agreement that it ALL boils down to a "Return to Love" and that there is currently a "moral function" in this world. She also says, "we must now love with conviction and turn our love into political force."

As Marianne said in this interview, "It is time that we all step up our courage quotient!" 

Please take some time to watch and LISTEN to this interview in its entirety.  It is in ENGLISH, as soon as the introduction is over around the :30 second mark or so. I am very proud of my friend, Pedro Biaggi, a Hispanic radio personality, who presented Marianne with all the tough questions we needed to hear the answers to.

You obviously do not have to agree with my views or Marianne's but it is totally worth looking into a different point of view, unlike any other.  And while you may think, why is a spiritual guru and author jumping into the political arena, just remember this quote:

"The Presidency is not merely an administrative office. That's the least of it....It is pre-eminently a place of moral leadership."---Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1932  

This Country, without a doubt, needs a moral and spiritual re-awakening" and someone like Marianne Williamson, just might be the one to play a role in this!  

Just something to think about!


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