Sunday, April 9, 2017


Recently, I was questioned as to why I spend so much time blogging. Why I spend countless amount of time on my computer. Well, guess, what, I like it! It's therapeutic for ME! It lets me vent and share and do what I love, and that is to write. I also have the added benefit of being able to benefit from a little affiliate advertising and sponsored ads, as trivial as that may seem to some. It makes ME happy! And to be perfectly honest, the "real" world right now seems a little scary with everything going on politically and globally.  So, yea, sharing recipes, pictures, fun stories and reviews is a lot more entertaining.

Ultimately, for me, it is not about writing reviews on child locks or carpet companies, or finding the best recipe out there. It is about doing what I enjoy! It is about the process, the journey.  

I believe that the purpose of life is to find what makes you happy and to do just that. I mean, really, doesn't everyone want to do what makes them happy?  Like finding a partner to make you happy;  finding a job that makes you happy; choosing a hobby that makes you happy; seeing your kids grow up to be happy? So then, why not do something that actually makes you happy?

Whether it's yoga, reading, scrap-booking, biking, dancing, listening to music, fund-raising, cooking, whatever it is, find your passion and DO IT! Do not judge others for going after their passion and mocking what they love to do. Find something YOU love to do and go for it.  

Maybe some day, I will write that book I've always wanted to write, but in the interim, I blog and I enjoy it.

Find your happy....BE INSPIRED


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