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Recently, I watched a documentary called, "Eating You Alive," which only re-emphasized what most of us know, that the obesity problem in this Country is only getting worse. “Nearly 30.4 million people die each year from chronic diseases and $3.8 trillion spent in healthcare costs in the U.S. alone for treating what the CDC defines as "among most common, costly and preventable of all health problems." 

Through their slick marketing and corporate greed, "they" are killing us all! Whether we live in subsidized housing or affluent neighborhoods, one thing we have in common is that we are getting addicted to sugary drinks and seriously unhealthy foods, being marketed to us all.  

"We are eating ourselves into our graves." There is no profit in health and ultimately that is what it boils down to...greed, power and money and all at the cost of our health.


Sugary drinks


Most of us remember those science projects ^ we did or even helped our children with, that showed a visual representation of the amount of sugar in our soft drinks and juices.  Not much has changed - only the number of people addicted to soft drinks and sugary sodas and more options with tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sugar causes measurable inflammation inside of our artery walls causing major damage to our cells.

Please take the time to watch, preferably with your spouse/partner and/or family members. It is not anything we haven't already known, but once in a while, it is good to be reminded of the harm we are causing our bodies, simply with our diet.


Eating You Alive Video

We have to take charge of our OWN health as best as possible because the obesity epidemic is a serious problem in this country, actually, globally, and only going to get worse, especially if we don't change our eating habits and focus on BALANCING our LEPTIN & ADIPONECTIN levels!

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