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One of the best things for me about being in the wellness industry is being able to make a positive impact in the lives of others.  In my opinion, we have come a long way since the pandemic, (and even a few years before that,) in terms of how we view wellness.

Most people, who are in the wellness industry or on a holistic health journey, are no longer willing to just “pop“ supplements without “evidence-backed immune health information.”  After a couple of years of living with the pandemic (Cv19,) most of us have learned that indeed, good health is wealth and we are demanding more of it. 

And on that note, shifting to a business perspective, I have to point out that the global wellness economy, is valued at $4.4 trillion, (as cited in the 2020 Global Wellness Institute) with the mental wellness industry being a $131 billion industry
within that category. This industry is not only growing but has gained momentum not only in our country but worldwide - it is a global trend. 

(Note: Specifically in the U.S., we are the largest market, at $1.2 trillion–nearly double the size of the second-largest market, China, at $683 billion. In fact, the US accounts for 28% of the entire global wellness market, while the top ten markets represent 71% of the world total.”)

Below are 10 Wellness Trends for 2022:

  • Dirt-y Wellness: The Health of the World’s Soil–and the Impact of Soil Exposure on Human Health–Become More Important
  • Toxic Muscularity Comes Clean
  • From Wellness Tech to Technological Wellness
  • Senior Living Disrupted
  • Wellness Travel: Seekers, Welcome
  • Innovative Tech Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research
  • Urban Bathhouses & Wellness Playgrounds
  • Next-Gen Naturalism: The Return of Self-Reliance
  • Health & Wellness Coaching Gets Certified
  • Wellness Welcomes the Metaverse 
As we lived through our new collective reality, people began to recognize that strengthening their immune system was key to good health and protecting themselves as much as possible.  

However, many people did not have all the facts straight in their efforts to do so. 

Since then, there have been many developments in the wellness industry and in scientific research as well. 

According to an article in the Global Wellness Summit of 2021, the number one thing that can strengthen our immunity (personally and as a culture) is: to focus relentlessly on sensible, science-backed diets that drive metabolic health (and stop the profusion of trendy, complex ones that don’t).

As well as, to focus on the microbiome - that has an incredible 70% of our immune system headquartered in our “gut!” A healthy microbiome is an integral part of a health body.

The microbiome is “an outrageously complex system, and researchers are trying to crack the microbiome code, and testing will get better, with A.I. and machine-learning helping apply your byzantine gut data for personalized nutrition.”

It is this kind of information that reaffirms my alignment with that being in the health and wellness industry is the right place to be.

The Health and Mental Wellnes field is where it’s at. 

The world needs more love, more healers and more people willing to make a difference!

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